Sunday, July 27, 2014

Obsessed With Stella McCartney Fall 2014


Cut Shibori jumper Pre-order @ Stella McCartney
Cut Shibori trousers Pre-order @ Stella McCartney
'Elyse' Limited Edition shoes Pre-order @ Stella McCartney
Gentle Monster 'Roman Holiday' sunglasses @ Gentle Monster
Antique Victorian ruby and diamond ring
Delvaux 'Brillante MM' @ Barneys

I'm not sure why, but in all of my extended browsing of the Fall 2014 collections on, I never really gave much thought to Stella McCartney.  I scanned it once and never revisited - my routine for collections that aren't season-after-season favorites - even though Stella consistently ranks somewhere in my top ten.  The other day, though, I just so happened to click on one of those tailored-to-you based on crap you've looked at in the past banner ads for Nordstrom, where I eventually made my way to the fall Stella pre-orders.  For some reason, the collection was so much more appealing in a retail format, and I instantly became enamored of a matching mélange knit sweater and skirt, a look that I have been obsessing over since sourcing material for this post.  It's like a light bulb went off and all of a sudden, I couldn't get enough of the collection - the insane knits, the sexy minimalist fringe dresses, and THE starry flatform oxfords.  My favorite look from the show is Look 21 - a matching wool sweater and trouser combo in emerald and black.  This is the look I am most craving for fall - a two-piece knit paired with statement accessories and a timeless (with a twist) top handle.  The limited edition flatforms are simply icing on the cake ;)

Monday, July 14, 2014

Just Dance

In celebration of music and dance - always just the right thing for a jolt of happiness and inspiration.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

MØ 'Waste of Time'

I know I am sooo very late to the game, but I am loving Danish electro-pop starlet MØ right now.  'Waste of Time' was released last year as a single, and her first album 'No Mythologies to follow' is available now on iTunes.